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  • Mixed Mexican Milagros Set 1

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    This item consists of 20 Mixed Mexican Milagros Set 1, including: eight 1.125" (29mm) standing boys with hands folded in prayer; one 1.125" (29mm) standing girl with linked hands; four 1.125" (29mm) Virgin Marys, facing right, kneeling in prayer; one 1.1875" (30mm) Virgin Mary, facing forward, kneeling in prayer; one 1.25" (32mm) Virgin Mary, facing forward, kneeling with hands crossed on her chest; one 0.8125" (21mm) Man's Head in profile, facing right; one 1" (25mm) Woman's Head in profile, facing left; one 0.5" (13mm) radiating Eye of God on pendant round; one 1" (25mm) sleeping Baby Jesus; and one 1" (25mm) outstretched Hand, facing left.  (All measurements include the attached ring.)  Most of the milagros have been cast in a silver-toned pot metal.  The two unique Virgin Marys appear to have a gold cast over the metal and the Eye of God is made from a deep gray unknown metal.  Some still have the paper labels with "Mexico" on back.  These Mixed Mexican Milagros Set 1 are in Very Good with natural imperfections occurring in the casting.