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  • Mixed Keys

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    This item consists of 21 mixed keys, measuring from 2.75" to 1.15" in length.  This group varies in design, material, age, and usage.  The two identical largest keys are marked Yale & Towne Mfg Co, Stamford, Conn (4  S). The key with the teardrop-shaped top was also made by Yale & Towne.  It is marked DSL 1651 on one side with a large 5 on the other.  The silvertone key (second from right on the top row) is Yale & Towne IED 535.  To its right is a heavy brass key (slightly bent) marked 193.  The key on the far left of the second row is marked Yale with two patent dates (Oct. 8, 1878 and Nov. 2, 1880).  The back has the number 15336.  Directly to its right is a brass key embossed with Curtis Key Co, Cleveland, O  with the image of a bulldog and H 9 on back.  It looks as though it may have been plated at one time. The ten smaller keys (five of which are marked Master or Master Lock Co) may have used in padlocks or diary locks.  All other keys are unmarked.  Each of the mixed keys is in fair to good condition; some have minor rust or surface wear.