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  • Miniature Washi Doll Standing on a Book

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    This Miniature Washi Doll Standing on a Book measures only 1.5" high and is made completely from paper.  The doll is crafted in washi paper, a light, strong traditional Japanese paper made from the inner-bark fibers of three plants.  Solid colors have been used for her head, hair and hair accessories, while colorful patterned papers have been folded to look like cloth in her kimono.  She is either a geisha or a maiko (a Kyoto apprentice Geiko, a woman who performs songs, dances and plays the shamisen, a three-stringed Japanese instrument).  She is standing on a red paper book (1.125"x 0.9375"x 0.125"), which has the traditional Japanese design of a simple sewn binding and a vertical title.  The doll comes in her original paper box (1.875"x 1.3125" x 1") with deep purple text on the lid.  Maker and age are unknown.  This Miniature Washi Doll Standing on a Book is in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.  Some minor wear to the box.