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  • Miniature Pueblo Pottery

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    This item consists of three pieces of Miniature Pueblo Pottery: a decorative vase, a turtle with patterned shell and a plate with a silhouetted frog.  All have been painted in the traditional colors of white, red, black, deep brown, and terracotta.  They include abstract symbols and designs, which often refer to elements in the natural environment such as clouds, lightning, wind and mountains.  Two have animals which are also commonly represented.  The vase, measuring 0.75" (19mm) high by 0.875" (22mm) in diameter, has four rows of abstract designs with a sun-like symbol on its base.  It is unmarked.  The plate, measuring 1.25" (32mm) in diameter, has a black frog with outstretched limbs and four red circles on its back.  It is surrounded by a deep brown, white and black border in an arched, feather-like design.  Its white base is marked with the initials "GB."  The turtle, measuring 0.5" (13mm) high by 1.25" (32mm) long by 0.875" (22mm) wide, has a simple body and shell sculptural design with a circular, abstract pattern on its shell.  There is a black, tiered pattern along the base and a simple face with an M-shaped mouth.  It is unmarked.  Makers and tribes are unknown, but this style is similar to what is seen in Acoma and Laguna pottery.  These pieces of Miniature Pueblo Pottery are in good to very good condition.  The plate and turtle have no damage or wear, but look as though they may have a drop or two of wax on the surface.  (We do not recommend trying to clean these surfaces as it may remove the paint.)  The vase has a small chip in the paint in the middle of one side.  Ideal for a dollhouse curio cabinet or miniature Southwestern room diorama.