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  • Miniature Cast Plaster Figure, Skeleton and Gun

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    This Miniature Cast Plaster Figure, Skeleton and Gun make an unusual grouping.  Each has been cast in plaster in a mold with the skeleton and gun tinted yellow.  The figure, reminiscent of a frozen charlie (a standing, naked male doll molded in a solid piece made between 1850 and 1920), measures 2" high by 1" wide by 0.5" deep.  His face has large, round, convex eyes; an upside down V-shaped nose with large nostrils; and a wide small.  His body has a simple form without distinct hands and feet and a large navel.  The back is flat.  The plaster casting is rough still has the casting edge around the figure.  The skeleton measures 1.375" high by 0.5" wide by 0.5625" deep.  He has a simple face with large, concave oval eyes and large, open mouth.  His arms are folded on his chest and his navel is large, creating what looks like another skull.  His legs are separated straight lines.  The back is flat and marked with an X.  The gun measures 0.75" high by 0.8125" wide by 0.375" deep.  It has a classic revolved design with a snub nose barrel, square body, trigger, and X-ed handle.  The back is flat.  Maker and exact age are unknown.  This Miniature Cast Plaster Figure, Skeleton and Gun are in very good condition.  The skeleton has small chips at the the top of the head on the back.  Ideal for use in art projects.