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  • Mexican Silver Alloy Cherub Milagros

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    This item consists of six Mexican Silver Alloy Cherub Milagros, three are of a cherub head with wings and three are of a cherub on tiptoe with outstretched arm(s), as if ready to fly.  Cherubs serve important liturgical and intercessory functions in the hierarchy of angels. Their name is derived from words that mean "to pray" or "to bless," so it is not surprising that they appear as milagros.  The cherub heads with wings measure 0.75" high (with ring) by 1.375" wide, while the cherubs on tiptoe measure 1" high by 0.375" to 0.5" wide.  All of the cherubs have flat backs and are unmarked.  These Mexican Silver Alloy Cherub Milagros are in very good condition with variations and imperfections which frequently happen in the casting.