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  • Mexican Folk Art Horse and Rider Push Pull Toy

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    This is a whimsical Mexican Folk Art Horse and Rider Push Pull Toy, handcrafted in wood and hand-painted in vibrant colors.  A man in a black and white polka dotted suit with black boots, a pink hat and a guitar on his back is holding fast to white plastic reins which lead to a blue horse with black mane and tail.  A white and orange saddle has been painted on the horse's back.  The man's wide open green eyes and a red O-shaped mouth give him a look of surprise.  The horse appears a bit angry, as he looks down in front of him.  The horse and rider sit on a bright pink and orange frame with apple green wheels.  The toy measures 9.625" high by 10" wide by 4.5" deep.  The wheels have been attached in such a way that the horse and rider appear to go up and down, when the toy is either pushed or pulled.  The construction is very simple with the roughly cut wooden pieces visibly nailed together.  The details are crude with the guitar finished in ballpoint pen, the wheels left unpainted on the insides, and the pink of the hat running down on to the top of his head.  The toy is unsigned.  Maker, area of origin and age are unknown.  This Mexican Folk Art Horse and Rider Push Pull Toy is in very good condition with only a tiny chip to the paint on one knee.