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  • Metal Spider Charms

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    This item consists of eleven Metal Spider Charms.  Ten of the charms have the same design with seven cast in a silver tone metal and three in a gold tone metal.  These charms measure 0.6875" long by 0.625" wide.  The design is symmetrical with four legs outstretched on each side, two eye stalks on the front of the head, and a ring attached to the back of the spider.  The other spider charm measures 0.625" long by 0.4375" wide and has been cast in sterling silver with "925" impressed on the back of the abdomen.  This design is slightly less symmetrical and has the ring attached to the top of the front left leg.  Makers and ages are unknown but the charms appear to be contemporary castings.  All of these Metal Spider Charms are in very good condition and appear never to have been used.