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  • Hand Carved Bone Mermaid Pendant

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    This Hand Carved Bone Mermaid Pendant measures 3" high by 0.75" wide by 0.25" thick (at the head).  The front has details shallowly carved into the bone and filled with brown coloring.  The face has a mask-like look with closed eyes, arched brows, straight mouth, and large ears on a diamond-shaped head.  She is wearing an incised necklace and earrings.  One hand is almost fin-like and sits on her abdomen.  Her tail is curved up and has large scales.  The back is flat with no embellishment.  There is a bone ring on top for attachment.  Age and origin are unknown, although the piece is probably either African or Southeast Asian.  This Hand Carved Bone Mermaid Pendant appears never to have been used and is in Like New condition.