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  • Large South American Mano Fico

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    This Large South American Mano Fico is made from beautifully grained Brazilian wood with silver applied nails, a thin silver floral bracelet, and a hammered silver scallop and floral cap with twisted rope edging and top hanging ring.  Like all mano ficos, the thumb is thrust between the curled index and middle fingers.  While this gesture carries sexual connotations, amulets and objects which display it are used for magical protection against the evil eye.  Primarily found in Italy and in America among Italian descendants, the mano fico is also seen in South America (due to colonial European influences).  This Mano Fico measures 6.75" long with a 5" hand and forearm.  Maker, age, and type/grade of silver is unknown.  This Large South American Mano Fico is in very good condition with some natural imperfections in the wood and minor dents on the side of the silver cap.