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  • Lakshmi Statue

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    This is an orange tinted cast resin statue of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity (both material and spiritual) and consort to Shiva.  Traditionally, she is shown with four arms, her hands representing the four ends of human life.  Here, she has only two (similar to an atypical contemporary bronze sculpture of Lakshmi produced in South India).   Her right hand is raised in varada mudra (the palm of the right hand facing outward from the body towards the viewer), meaning that she is granting something of benefit.  Her left hand grasps a lidded jar, which symbolizes the abundance that she bestows on those who are devoted to her.  Traditionally, she is shown sitting on a lotus throne.  Here, however, she is sitting on stylized waves, which may refer to her birth from the churning of the primordial ocean.  She has one leg folded beneath her, while the other sits atop an owl with open wings who is her vehicle and who signifies her ability to move, work and prevail in confusing darkness.  This statue measures 2.375" high by 1.5" wide by 0.5" deep with a flat, unadorned back.  Unmarked; maker is unknown.  In very good condition with no signs of wear or damage.