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  • Kuna Mola of a Cat with Two Fish

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    This is a Kuna Mola of a Cat with Two Fish. Mola is a Kuna word with many meanings: fabric or cloth, shirt or upper garment, brightly decorated women's blouses, or colorful layers of fabric, cut and hand-sewn into designs.  Kuna women from San Blas Archipelago, inland Panama and western Colombia produce these wearable works of art, which were developed in the late 1800's from a tradition of body painting.  Preferred colors are red, yellow and dark blue or black.  Motifs include sea and rain forest animals, geometric designs, people engaged in daily chores, or images from commercial advertising.  This 19" by 15" mola is composed of reverse applique and applique fabric pieces in eleven colors with simple embroidery in green and black on a burgundy fabric background.  The motif is a smiling cat with an arched tail, whose legs transform into two arched fish joined at the tip of their tails.  The background is filled with layers of multi-colored fabrics, which peak through slits and are adhered to the burgundy cloth with tiny stitches.  Exact age and place of origin are unknown.  This Kuna Mola of a Cat with Two Fish is in Like New condition.