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  • Lindy Nakamura Japanese Pillow Doll

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    This is a Lindy Nakamura Japanese Pillow Doll in the shape of a seated Japanese man, measuring 17" high by 15" wide (at the base).  He has a solemn hand-painted face which is reminiscent of those found in some antique Japanese wood block prints.  He wears a tall dark green hat with burgundy trim over his black hair and a silky off-white kimono printed with flying cranes in red, green, blue, purple, white, and gold and abstract branches in green and gold.  He has a folded double sash in burnt orange, green and magenta with an attached green, gold and white fan with a gold tassel.  He holds a gold paper origami crane in his left hand.  The body of the doll feels weighted and pillow-like so that he sits comfortably on a couch, chair or bed.  The original tag is still attached and reads: Samurai, Box 793, La Jolla, CA  92038/ 1982 Lindy-Nakamura.  No information could be found on this company nor on the maker.  This Lindy Nakamura Japanese Pillow Doll is in very good condition.