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  • 1930 Japanese Ledger Book

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    This is a circa 1930 Japanese Ledger Book.  The intact book measures 6.5" long by 4.75" wide by 2.25" high and is composed of 5 signatures (each containing 40 double pages made from mulberry tree pulp) and thick cardboard covers (each with a large Japanese character in black).  The signatures have been sewn with cord, which has two attached braided cords ending in a knot and simple tassel.  There are also thirteen paper tabs (in two types of paper) along the right-hand edge and a small Japanese character written in black ink along the bottom of the pages.  Each page is filled with Japanese characters handwritten in black ink and, some of which have red and/or purple ink imprints from seals.  The business from which this ledger came is unknown.  This 1930 Japanese Ledger Book is in generally good condition.  The ledger shows obvious signs of use and wear, such as cracked covers; paper wear on the spine; stained, spotted and creased pages; and one missing side tab.  However, there are no worm holes or pages missing.