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  • Indonesian Wayang Kulit Shadow Theater Puppet Gareng

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    This is the Indonesian Wayang Kulit Shadow Theater Puppet Gareng, measuring 14.25" high by 7" wide (with closed arms) made out of painted water buffalo leather (as is traditional). Gareng is the oldest son of Semar, always acting with his brothers Bagong and Petruk as Punokawan (clowns).  Gareng is a fat funny fellow who is always prudent and cautious.  He is known as an honest and wise warrior, despite his wounded arm.  In this puppet, we see his classic round belly, bulbous nose, rubbery red lips, large round eye, bare feet (joined by a red bar), and his brilliant gold skin.  He is dressed in his traditional clothing: a red, black and white checkered sarong with ruffled hem; wrist bracelets; decorative earring; and what is a clock around his neck.  He is jointed at the shoulder, elbow and wrist which originally would have been manipulated by sticks on both arms and one along his body.  He has real black hair, much of which has been lost over time.  Maker and age are unknown.  However, the details suggest he may have been made in Java.  The paint wear suggests that he was used and serves as proof of authenticity.  This Indonesian Wayang Kulit Shadow Theater Puppet Gareng is in better than good condition.