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  • Indonesian Carved Wood and Bone Figurative Bottle

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    This is an Indonesian Carved Wood and Bone Figurative Bottle, which measures 6.75" long by 1" wide (where the head meets the body) and 0.8125" thick (at the base).  The head of the figure, which forms the stopper of the container, has been abstractly carved in a light wood, such as Balsa, and dyed black.  The body has been made from a cow bone which has been cleaned out and plugged with bone at the bottom to form the container.  The surface of the bone has been beautifully hand etched with three bands of geometric decorations which have been highlighted with brown dye.  This bottle, known as a kalat, is used to hold the lime powder which is an essential part of betel nut mix.  Chewed betel nut acts as a stimulant similar to caffeine or nicotine which helps locals suppress their hunger, reduce stress and heighten their senses.  The maker and age are unknown.  The area of origin is Timor Island in Eastern Indonesia.  This Indonesian Carved Wood and Bone Figurative Bottle is in Very Good condition with no signs of damage or wear.