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  • Indian Mughal-Style Figurative Motorcycle Postcard

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    This Indian Mughal-Style Figurative Motorcycle Postcard, created by Studio thanda garam in Aldona, Goa, is a contemporary interpretation of the Indian Mughal miniature paintings of composite animals (an animal composed of other animals, human figures, or demons).  The oversized postcard (5.25" high by 7" wide), printed on thick, two-ply yellow card stock, shows a man with a bow and three arrows piercing a heart riding a motorcycle composed of seven Indian women dressed in saris (all printed in pink and black).  A yellow light glows from the front of the motorcycle which is one of the women's heads.  This is set against a bright blue background inside a black border interrupted by a cloud, the sun, and motorcycle exhaust.  There is a saying, whose meaning is unknown, at the bottom of the image.  Age and information about Studio thanda garam are unknown.  This Indian Mughal-Style Figurative Motorcycle Postcard is in Very Good condition with a small crease in each of the upper corners.