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  • Indian Chief Pendants

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    This item consists of two Indian Chief Pendants, neither of which were Native American made.  The cut steel pendant on the left shows a Native American man facing right, wearing an eight feathered headdress.  The details are abstract with openwork areas -- a dot for an eye, a three-lined forehead and straight mouth, and a six-lined headdress band.  One one side, there is etching on the feathers and along the jawline.  The pendant measures 1.3125" (33mm) high (including attached ring) by 1.4375" (36mm) wide and about 0.03" (1mm) thick.  The pendant on the right shows a Native American man facing to the left, wearing a feathered headdress which also reveals itself to be the head of an eagle.  (The man's face is inside the eagle's open beak.)  The profile of the man shows strong facial features with a slight smile on his lips.  The headdress is beautifully detailed with the eagle's hooded eye at the top, two rows of feathers that arch around the right hand side, and a decorative floral round with smaller rows of feathers.  The stamped brass piece has been woven into a pendant with deep green and blue threads, a silver wire border and neck with silver wire and a pale blue-gray bead.  The pendant measures 1.1875" (30mm) in diameter and 2" (51mm) in length (with neck) and 0.125" (3mm) thick.  Makers and ages of both pendant are unknown.  Both of these Indian Chief Pendants are in very good condition with no damage or wear.