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  • How Punky Dunk Helped Old Prince

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    How Punky Dunk Helped Old Prince is a wonderful children's story about a friendship that grows between a lonely dog and the arrival of a cat.  Written by Charlotte B. Herr with illustrations by Frances Beem, this edition was published by P.F. Volland & Co and offered inside the Public Ledger newspaper of Philadelphia on Sunday, March 19, 1916.  The soft cover booklet (5.75" by 4.25") has thirteen pages plus covers with eight full-page and two small richly colored illustrations. It was designed to be folded and put together by the child and has a full page black and white diagram on how to do so at the back.  Given its age and fragile quality, this copy of How Punky Dunk Helped Old Prince is in good condition.  Some edges are rough, where it was cut unevenly, and there are some small stains, particularly on the covers.  However, all the illustrations are in very good condition.