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  • Handmade Fabric Santa Claus Head Ornament

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    This is a Handmade Fabric Santa Claus Head Ornament, which has been sculpted from a knitted fabric and embellished with hand-painted features.  The head measures 4" high by 3" wide by 4" deep with a raised, curved nose; recessed eyes; full cheeks; and a mouth fashioned into a wide smile.  The hand painted features include large, detailed olive green eyes with long, lower lashes and scruffy eyebrows; pink tinted cheeks; large, black nostrils; and a red mouth.  White "hair" has been applied to form a long mustache and beard.  His cap is made from a red sock with a line of gold sequins around the top edge and two brass bells at the toe.  A 5" burgundy thread, emerging from the center of his head, makes Santa ready for hanging.  Maker and age are unknown.  This Handmade Fabric Santa Claus Head Ornament is in Very Good condition with no signs of damage or wear.