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  • Gold Toned Western Saddle Pendant

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    This is a beautifully detailed Gold Toned Western Saddle Pendant.  This saddle, seen from the left side, has all of the traditional Western features, including seat, cantle, horn, pommel, gullet, skirt, fender and stirrup.  The surface is embossed with several types of flowers and an abstract image of a man riding a bucking bronco (on the fender).  The pendant measures 1.875" high by 1.375" wide by about 0.5" deep (at the pommel).  There is a 0.25" ring at the center of the top on back, which would allow the saddle to be worn as a button as well.  The piece is unmarked.  Maker, age and type of metal are unknown.  This Gold Toned Western Saddle Pendant is in very good condition with no signs of damage or wear.