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  • Gold Toned Hindu Amulets of Hanuman

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    This item consists of four Gold Toned Hindu Amulets of Hanuman, the monkey god who is an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and one of the center characters of the epic Ramayana.  Hindu amulets are traditionally worn as acts of devotion (bhakti) to a particular God or Goddess, as well as protection to the wearer.  The Hanuman amulet is worn to help protect against danger or in order to cultivate an internal sense of strength and bravery.  These amulets have pointed tops and squared bottoms, measuring roughly 1.75" high at center by 1.25" wide.  (There are slight variations in size.)  All four amulets appear to have been cast in two layers of a base metal, coated with a coppery gold surface, and finished with a decorative hanging loop in yellow gold toned metal welded to the top.  The maker and age are unknown.  These Gold Toned Hindu Amulets of Hanuman are in better than good condition.  They do have imperfections, including rust spots, scratches and casting anomalies (with variations in depth of detail), which are not uncommon for this type of amulet.