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  • Full Plate Tintype of a Seated Young Couple

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    This Full Plate Tintype of a Seated Young Couple measures 8.5" high by 6.5" wide and is both sepia toned and hand colored.  The photograph shows a three-quarter length view of an unsmiling couple staring into the camera.  Seated close to one another, the woman has placed her hand on the man's shoulder in a traditional pose of the era.  The woman has a simple pulled back hairstyle with a center part and bun.  She is dressed in a two-toned dress with pleated trim, gathered side panels on the skirt, and a jabot, which has been tinted pale blue with a gold center.  She appears as though she might be pregnant.  The hand that rests in her lap may be deformed and seems to have a leather brace on the wrist.  The man has wavy dark hair and moustache and is dressed in a dark three-piece suit.  The jacket has short lapels and his white shirt has an open neck embellished with a bow tie.   His hands rest in his lap.  A gold ring has been painted on the pinkie of the man and the forefinger of the woman.  The backdrop is a wall with part of a decorative Victorian cabinet at right.  This Full Plate Tintype of a Seated Young Couple is in good condition, although the emulsion has extensive spiderweb cracking.  There is some minor surface wear along the edges, where an oval mat once covered the tintype.