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  • French 54 Cartes Deluxe Card Deck

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    This is a contemporary French 54 Cartes Deluxe Card Deck, designed for playing bridge, poker and canasta.  The deck has the standard four suits with ten numbered cards (no aces), face cards, and two jokers.  The face cards are marked "V", "D" and "R"  which are the French equivalents of jacks (valets), queens (dames) and kings (roi).  These cards have beautifully detailed classic illustrations in vibrant red, turquoise and gold with the names of historical and Biblical characters beneath the markings in two opposite corners.  These characters are: Lancelot, Adoine(?), Alexandre (clubs); Lahire, Judith, Charles (hearts); Hogler(?), Pallas, David (spades); and Hector, Rachel, Cesar (diamonds).  The jokers have a traditional jester holding his bauble in red and black.  The deck includes a card with instructions in French.  The backs of the cards have a deep blue and gold fleur-de-lis design.  The manufacturer appears to be Punch.  This French 54 Cartes Deluxe Card Deck is in Like New condition.