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  • Folk Art Style Birdhouse

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    This is a painted wood Folk Art Style Birdhouse, designed to look like a two-story house with a white front porch and railings, greenish-black pitched roofs, and reddish-brown painted brick chimney with a black cap.  The house stands 10.5" high by 8" wide by 6.5" deep and is embellished with ten faux green windows (the two on each side having holes to allow the birds to enter), a faux red front door with green doorstep, and three decorative gold stars (one above the door and one between the windows on each side).  The roof has a center hole, where a ring or chord could be attached for hanging.  The base has a 5.75" by 2.75" panel which can be removed to clean out the house.  Maker and age are unknown.  This Folk Art Style Birdhouse is in good condition, although it appears to have been installed outside and has weathered over time.  There are several small areas of chipped paint and wood and the roof has separated about 0.125" on one side of the center ridge.  Great for decoration or for use in an art piece.