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Folk Art Painting by Maria Jeronima Dionisia

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This 6" by 8" Folk Art Painting by Maria Jeronima Dionisia shows three smiling humans (two men and one woman) surrounded by animals (owl and wolf/dog?) and plants (petaled flowers, cactus, and other leafed vegetation).  Both humans and animals have almond-shaped black eyes with lids and dotted lashes.  The owl has been given lined feathers on its body and circling its head, while the dog/wolf has a striated fur neck.  In the upper left-hand corner is a village of three huts, each with one window, one door and a pointed grass roof.  The ink drawing has been highlighted with watercolor or gouache paint in bright green, olive green, pale pink, pale grayed blue, navy blue, yellow-orange and small accents of red (animal tongue and cactus buds). The imagery is densely packed within a simple, yellow-orange decorative frame with scallops and "eyed" triangles, which is then bordered with three straight lines (inside and out).  The painting is on handmade variegated tan paper with uneven edges.  No information has been found on this artist.  Age of the work is unknown.  This charming and vibrant Folk Art Painting by Maria Jeronima Dionisia is in excellent condition with no signs of damage or wear.