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  • Feathered Face Brooch

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    This is an unusual Feathered Face Brooch with delicately striated feathers in blues, reds, greens and yellows; black and white checkerboard eyelids and nose with brown and white nostrils; intense golden brown eyes; a multi-colored dot between the eyes: and thick deep pink lips with burgundy border.  The oval-shaped brooch measures 3.125" (79mm) high by 2.25" (57mm) wide by 0.4375" (11mm) deep.  It is made up of thin layers of what appears to be polymer clay applied on to a raised center.  The back has black and white ants and the incised initials "E E."  No artist nor company name could be found for this signature.  Exact age is unknown.  This Feathered Face Brooch is in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.