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  • Faceted Clear Crystal Octagonal Pendant

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    This is a Faceted Clear Crystal Octagonal Pendant, measuring 1.5" (38mm) long by 1.0625" (27mm) wide by 0.25" (6.5mm) deep.  The front has a flat octagonal center with faceted sides, while the back is completely faceted like a turtle shell.  Direct sunlight creates a prism effect with multiple rainbows.  The octagonal frame with four leaf prongs is made of a metal alloy, possibly pewter or gunmetal plate.  A 0.5" (13mm) V-shaped link is made of the same matte finished gray metal with three embedded clear rhinestones.  Maker and age are unknown.  This Faceted Clear Crystal Octagonal Pendant is in Very Good condition.  It does have a barely noticeable tiny, dust-like chip on the front which could be buffed out.  This crystal could also be used as a decoration.