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  • Ethiopian Silver Telsum Teardrop Beads

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    This item consists of five Ethiopian Silver Telsum Teardrop Beads.   Telsum beads are produced in Northern Ethiopia and are worn for prayer and for their talismanic protection properties, such as warding off evil.  The style shown here is associated with fertility. Made by hand, each bead is unique with a simple teardrop shape, dotted border, striated front, flat back, and double lined bail.  They measure about 1.125" (29mm) long (including bail) and between 0.4375" (11mm) and  0.5" (13mm) wide.  It is believed that they are made of coin silver.  Age is unknown but they are appear not to be new.  These Ethiopian Silver Telsum Teardrop Beads are in Very Good condition.  Being handmade, they do have natural imperfections.