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  • Double Rams Head Bracelet

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    This is a beautifully articulated Double Rams Head Bracelet, made of a silver tone metal which appears to be pewter (with black accents to bring out the details). Each of the identical heads have circular horns which come to a V on the forehead; open lidded eyes; raised, rounded noses; and striated fur.  They face one another and are joined at the mouth by a ring.  The remainder of the bracelet has a simple, circular linear design (raised at the center), ending wrapped metal ends which connect with a hook and ring clasp.  The bracelet has a slightly oval shape, measuring 2.625" across by 2.25" from center ring to clasp by 0.5" deep at the ram's horns.  The inner circumference is about 6.5" with closed clasp.  The bracelet is unmarked.  Maker and age are unknown.  This Double Rams Head Bracelet is in excellent condition with no signs of wear or damage.  A wonderful piece for an Aries or an animal lover.