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  • CuriCura or Cricula Cocoons

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    This is a 1/2 oz. package of CuriCura or Cricula Cocoons made of 100% silk and distributed by HABU Textiles and Yarns.  The cricula cocoon is spun and attached to a tree branch by a caterpillar native to Indonesia.  Each cocoon has a beautiful natural golden brown color and is covered with small, uneven holes which create a lacy effect.  Unlike other silk cocoons, they cannot be drawn out or spun very easily, due to their distinctive intricate network.  They can be used in their natural form as surface embellishments and trims or incorporated into felting and weavings.  Reshaping can be done by soaking them in water with a dash of PH neutral soap and then making them into a dome with your fingers.  Each cocoon is about 1.75" (4.5cm) to 2" (5cm) long and, although extremely light in weight, not fragile.  The number of cocoons in this package is unknown, although HABU suggests there may be between 50 to 100.  These CuriCura or Cricula Cocoons are in Like New Condition.