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  • 1903 Book Covers from Walter Cranes Picture Book

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    These are the 1903 Covers from Walter Cranes Picture Book, published by Cupples & Leon of New York.  The front cover shows a court jester blowing bubbles out of a pipe.  Each bubble contains a line drawing from one of the stories in the book, such The Three Little Bears, Cinderella, and Red Riding Hood.  The back cover has a cauldron boiling over a fire out of which is arising smoke filled with fairies, witches, devils, and various animals, including a flying pig.  Each cover measures 10.25" high by 8.875" wide and has the illustration attached to a very thick (0.375") board.  They are no longer connected by a spine.  The interior of the front cover has a wonderful color illustration of a kneeling knave with Queen Victoria's emblem on his apron.  The interior of the back cover is off-white and unembellished.   Both of these 1903 Book Covers from Walter Cranes Picture Book are in fair condition with significant edge wear and with scratches and rubbings to the illustrations.  Ideal for art project.