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  • 1936 Book Cover from The Book of Cowboys

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    This is the intact 1936 Book Cover from The Book of Cowboys, written by Holling C. Holling and illustrated by the Hollings. Each red cloth cover measures 11" high by 8" wide, connected by a l" spine. The front cover shows the black silhouette of a cowboy on a bucking bronco. The interior of the covers has a continuous illustrated map of the United States, Cuba and Santo Domingo in brown, black and off-white. Historical cowboy events are illustrated in black, while 1936 cowboy events appear in brown. This 1936 Book Cover from The Book of Cowboys is in fair condition. The back cover has a burn mark and the front cover has water spots. The spine is worn and slightly faded. The map has some light crayon marks.  Ideal for art project.