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  • Collage with Asian Writing

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    This is a unique Collage with Asian Writing, measuring about 6.25" high by 4" wide with an attached 1.75" thick gray mat whose outside dimensions measure 12"high by 9" wide.  The collage is a wonderful combination of abstract design and textured materials.  The base is a handmade piece of deep tan paper with a striated surface and deckle edge.  Layered on this are: a black piece of rectangular paper; a long strip of paper with black Asian writing; a long, thin strip of magenta paper with Asian writing; a long, roughly braid piece of rope; straw-like pieces; and two red stamps with Asian writing.  It is believed that the writing is Japanese.  The collage has been floated on an off-white background over cardboard.  It is signed in pencil (although the signature is unreadable and the artist remains unknown) and dated '92.  This Collage with Asian Writing is in very good condition with no signs of wear or damage.