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  • Circa 1910 Bisque Doll Arms

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    These circa 1910 bisque doll arms were originally attached to an kid leather doll body.  Each forearm measures 3.5" long and is marked with the number 4.  The hands have been molded in the same position.  They appear to be reaching out with the thumb stretched to the side and the other four fingers cupped.  Each hand has outlines of nails, dimples, and palm lines.  Although these arms are a pair, they do vary.  The right arm is slightly pinker than the left and there is better definition of the details on the left hand.  The inner side of the pinkie on the right hand has an indentation which must have come from a bubble in the mold.  These circa 1910 bisque doll arms are in very good condition with no cracks or chips.