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  • Carved Bone Male Figurative Pendant

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    This is a Carved Bone Male Figurative Pendant, measuring 4.5" high by 1.3125" wide by 0.375" thick.  The figure has been carved along the length of what appears to be a cow bone so that he arches at the middle with flattened edges on the back.  He has a squared face with closed eyes, triangular shaped nose, unsmiling mouth and pointed, etched hair.  He appears to be wearing a rounded headdress with four holes in two sizes (0.125" on the bottom and 0.375" on the top).  His indented neck leads into an oval shaped body with sloping shoulders, 0.75" oval openings forming arms, and thin, cross-hatched center.  The bottom part of the pendant has three areas: two short, striated L-shaped legs, etched sexual organs and what looks like a lined tail.  Maker, country of origin and age are unknown.  It is clearly an ethnic pendant (Africa? Borneo?) which may be a fertility or male ancestor piece.  This Carved Bone Male Figurative Pendant is in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.