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  • Canvas Mannequin Head

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    This wonderful Canvas Mannequin Head is traditionally used in store displays as a hat stand, millinery form or wig holder.  The head stands 10" high and has a circumference of 21" (at the widest point).  It has an abstract shape with a flattened front and bulbous back on a neck that tapers to 13".  It is composed of four pieces of tannish gray canvas fixed over a solid form with a 0.625" piece of brown plastic stapled at the neckline.  The base is white plastic with a 1" diameter hole which is  3.5" deep, designed so that the head can be placed on a stand.  As the photographs indicate, there is a stain on the upper left hand side which reaches around the back of the head.  The number 13 in a circle has been marked on the crown and the lower left hand side has an arrow pointing upwards.  Manufacturer and age are unknown, but the materials suggest that it is a contemporary piece.  This Canvas Mannequin Head is in Good condition with no tears in the fabric or the seams.  Ideal for display or use in an art project.