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  • Vintage Caco Dollhouse Dolls (Family)

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    This item consists of a vintage (ca. 1950's-1960's) dollhouse family (four dolls) made by the Caco Company of Germany.  Each doll has a hard plastic head with a painted, detailed face and molded blonde hair; plastic hands and shoes; a cloth body; and flexible limbs wrapped in thread.  The bodies can be bent into a variety of positions.  The father doll, dressed in knit shirt and pants, red and white striped tie, brown and black belt, and black shoes, measures 5.5" high.  The mother doll, dressed in a long orange, blue, white on dark brown floral dress with lace edging and two-tone laced shoes, measures 5.25" high.  The daughter, dressed in a long red, green, white on navy blue floral dress with lace edging and red shoes, measures 3.625" high. The son doll, dressed in a knit shirt, navy blue shorts with suspenders, and a burgundy bow tie, measures 3.5" high.  All are in very good condition with no damage to the faces.  There is some paint wear to the children's shoes and some light staining and pilling to the father's shirt