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  • Brass Ethiopian Coptic Cross with Open Corners

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    This is a Brass Ethiopian Coptic Cross with Open Corners, measuring 2.6875" (68mm) (including the attached loop) by 1.75" (45mm) wide.  It has been cast in brass using the lost wax method and hand etched with intersecting lines, circles and dots.  These geometric designs have religious or talismanic meanings.  Designs also vary according to the characteristics of different Ethiopian regions and their local symbolism.  Here, a latticework cross is surrounded by a square with four open corners with another decorated square on top.  The latticework refers to everlasting life, while the squares represent the Ark of the Covenant.  This cross has a slightly different pattern on each side.  Traditionally, this cross would be worn around the neck on a deep blue cotton cord.  Region of origin, age and maker are unknown.  This Brass Ethiopian Coptic Cross with Open Corners is in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.