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  • Asian T90 Silver Decorative Oval Box

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    This Asian T90 Silver Decorative Ivak Box is beautifully decorated with detailed birds, flowers, and leaves (all in relief) and geometric designs (etched into the surface).  The hinged lid shows a raised bird perched on a branch, surrounded by three flowers and ten leaves.  The side of the bottom of the box has a border of alternating flowers and leaves.  There are also two triangles filled with circles (one triangle inverted on top of the other) at each end of the box.  The sides of the lid have a thin, continuous border of simple circles and diagonal lines.  Both the top and sides have been pierced multiple times with circular openings measuring 0.0625" (2 mm) in diameter.  While the outside has a polish, the inside has a raw, matte patina.  The box measures 1.75" (44 mm) long by 1.125" (28 mm) at its widest point by 0.6875" (17 mm) high.  It is marked on the bottom with Asian characters (see photograph) and "T90".  Maker, country of origin, and age are unknown.  This Asian T90 Silver Decorative Oval Box is in Very Good condition.