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  • Antler Pendant with Carved Face

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    This Antler Pendant with Carved Face has a simple, rustic carving of what appears to be an older Native American man's face.  His features include narrowed eyes; a flattened nose with wide nostrils;  high, deep cheekbones: a slightly open, unsmiling, lined mouth; furrowed brow; lined neck; and straight black hair which is parted in the middle and arches under the face like wings.  Many of these details have been inked in black and brown wash appears to have been added as shadow at the cheekbones and chin.  The pendant measures 2" long by 0.6875" wide by 0.5" deep and is slightly arched.  There is a 0.125" hole running horizontally along the top and a 0.0625" hole at the top where a ring could be fastened.  Maker and age are unknown.  This Antler Pendant with Carved Face is in good condition with no damage or wear, although there are natural imperfections in the antler.