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  • Antique Waltham Watch

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    This is a classic Antique Waltham Watch, manufactured from 1897 to 1934.  The stem wound watch is what is known as a size 16, measuring 2" in diameter.  As the Gentleman's Dress Pocket Watch of the day, it was a symbol of status and prestige.  It has a single sunk porcelain dial with the classic Waltham stylized Arabic numerals around the outer circumference and every 5-minute mark highlighted in red.  There is a recessed sub register which once had a second hand.  The case has a rich gold finish with the back elaborately etched with a shield, leaves, swirls and a zigzag background.  As the photographs indicate, this watch is in poor condition.  The glass cover, minute and second hands, and winder are all missing.  The porcelain face is cracked and chipped along the right edge.  The case has surface scratches and dents. However, the condition makes this Antique Waltham Watch ideal for use in assemblage or other art projects.