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  • Antique Han Chinese Child's Silk Appliqué Tiger Hat

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    This is an Antique Han Chinese Child's Silk Appliqué Tiger Hat, which was designed to provide protection from evil spirits, demons, and ghosts while providing important qualities such as wealth, health, courage, academic success, happiness, long life, grace and beauty.  The hat has a tiger's face with padded eyes, black fringed lashes and green brows with stitched threads; raised lavender nose with purple and white floral trim and an off-white line with three crossed paper (?) lines extending to the forehead; a deep coral mouth with white side curls and padded lavender extended tongue; and applied ears with peach interiors lined with trim (inside and out) and dotted with a small stitched ball inside.  The top holds a 1" in diameter padded magenta silk ball with floral design and paper (?) silver dots.  The base of the hat is navy, black and peach silk with a variety of trims and an olive green silk interior.  This completely hand stitched hat measures 5" in diameter at the crown, 6" in diameter from side flap to side flap, and 7.5" long from crown to the bottom of the scalloped back.  Maker and exact age are unknown but it was probably made in the early 20th century.  This Antique Han Chinese Child's Silk Appliqué Tiger Hat is in good condition, particularly given its fragility and age.  There is some wear along the back edge of the crown.  Two of the silver paper stripes on the forehead are missing.  There is some fading to the interior of the ears and the top decorative ball.  Stand is not included.