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  • Antique Glass Bead Applique

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    This Antique Glass Bead Applique in muted shades of brown, metallic green, gun metal gray, pale gold, pale pink, and white was probably made in the 1920's for a flapper dress.  The applique is made in two pieces: a round domed top with a stylized floral design (measuring 1.75" in diameter and 0.5" deep) and a multi-tiered flat bottom piece with geometric patterns (measuring 6" long by 2.5" wide).  The designs have been made from seed beads, short and long tubular beads, bicone and round faceted beads, and half-dome beads, whose sizes vary from about 2mm to 6mm.   Some of the beads are made from clear or iridescent glass, while others have been coated with color.  All of the beads were sewn on to a black mesh backing.  The domed top was padded, allowing it to hold its shape.  Maker and exact age are unknown.  This Antique Glass Bead Applique is in Generally Good condition, particularly given its age and the fragility of its materials.  However, the bottom piece has pulled away from the top dome.  This could easily be repaired by backing the whole applique.  Or the two pieces could be used separately.  There is also surface wear to the coated beads.   A small number of seed beads seem to be missing along the border but this is not readily noticeable.