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  • Antique Ebony and Bone Dominoes

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    This item consists of 13 Antique Ebony and Bone Dominoes, each measuring about 1.625" long by 0.75" wide by 0.3125" thick.  There is a 0.125" domed brass pin at the center which passes through the ebony.  These dominoes have been hand cut with the pips and center lines etched into the bone and hand painted black.  The bone has a distinct grain and has beautifully yellowed over time.   Maker, country of origin and exact age are unknown.  These Antique Ebony and Bone Dominoes are in generally Good condition.  The paint has worn off some of the dots.  Several of the dominoes have minor nicks along the edges, while one (with two and three) has a 0.5" gouge in the bone.  Ideal for use in assemblage, jewelry or other art projects.