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  • Antique Clock Pendulum

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    This is an Antique Clock Pendulum, probably from a circa 1900 kitchen mantel clock.  The pendulum measures 7.75" long with the bob measuring 4.75" long.  The rectangular bob is gilt cast iron with a highly decorative design which forms a frame around a 1.3125" circular glass insert.  The insert has been molded into a pinwheel design with dotted border (painted burgundy red on off-white) and has a beveled edge.  The stem is a lightweight silver toned metal with a brass nut to adjust the bob.  Maker and exact age are unknown.  This Antique Clock Pendulum is in generally Very Good condition with no damage or wear to the cast iron.  There is an interior crack in the upper left hand corner of the glass insert.  This crack does not reach the surface and does not threaten the integrity of the insert.  The insert has been lightly soldered into place and could be removed to accommodate a photograph or other object.  Ideal for use in assemblage or other art projects.