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  • Antique Chromolithographs of 18th Century Lovers

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    This item consists of two Antique Chromolithographs of 18th Century Lovers.  One print, measuring 8.5" high by 6.375" wide, shows a man dressed in a Baroque blue velvet suit with a long coat with white lace sleeves and a gold interior and buttoned knickers with gold trim.  He wears a white wig with navy blue bow.  He bows to the maid (dressed in black and pink dress with a white apron and pink bowed lace cap) to whom he has just given his calling card.  He holds a bouquet of flowers behind his back.  The figures stand in a luxurious setting with gilt mirror, picture frame and clock; ornate wallpaper; detailed door; and gold and green brocaded chair, ottoman and curtain.  The other print, measuring 9" high by 6.375" wide, shows a man helping a woman across a stream on stepping stones as he holds her pink umbrella.  Both are dressed in Baroque clothing - the man wears a brown and gold long velvet coat over a white and gold shirt with lace ruffles and tan knickers and the woman wears a multi-patterned silk outfit with pink, white and gold striped top and bustle with lace shawl collar and sleeves over a pale blue underskirt decorated with floral bouquets.  He has black buckled shoes and a navy blue tri-corne hat.  She has pink silk shoes with bow buckles and a small straw hat with blue ribbons.  Both wear styled white wigs.  The background is composed of lush foliage.  Both illustrations have been printed on medium weight off-white paper in rich colors, which have not faded.  Artist and source for both prints are unknown.  These Antique Chromolithographs of 18th Century Lovers are in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.  Ideal for framing or use in an art project.