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Antique Chromolithographed Little Miss Muffet Cover

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This is the Antique Chromolithographed Little Miss Muffet Cover from Father Tuck's "Dolly Dear" Series.  In the late 19th century, Raphael Tuck and his three sons produced a variety of chromolithographed ephemera, such as trade cards, scrap sheets, and books (including movable books).  Their Dolly Dear Series focused on nursery rhymes and fairy tales.  This 6.5" by 4.25" cover shows a blonde, curly haired Little Miss Muffet dressed in a blue and white 19th century dress, matching cap, black lace fingerless gloves, and black ballet-style shoes with crossed ribbons.  She is holding up her apron with one hand and holding a spoon in the other.  She has a worried look on her face, because she has seen a large spider (who appears in a web behind her left foot) and has spilled her cup of milk (which is next to her right foot).  There are flowers in upper corners and grass and flowers at her feet.  The rich and deep ink colors have been printed on medium weight paper.  The illustration is beautifully detailed.  The back of the print is blank.  Exact date of publication is unknown.  This Antique Chromolithographed Little Miss Muffet Cover is in Good condition.  There are some edges tears.  Ideal for use in collage.