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  • Antique Chinese Hand Carved Bone Bird Shoe Horn

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    This is an Antique Chinese Hand Carved Bone Bird Shoe Horn.  It appears that this bird is meant to be a chicken (the symbol of good luck and prosperity in Chinese culture) with its large round eyes; short, pointed beak; long, rounded wattles; and curved, upturned wing feathers.  The decoration also includes another curved feather-like arch (tail?), curving in the opposite direction behind a a plain triangular form; an arched open pattern along the neck; and seven holes.  One of the holes has a 3.5" looped fawn colored cotton cord with a traditional knotted hand woven design.  The shoe horn, which has a deep yellow-ivory colored surface, has been carved out of cow or ox bone and arched both at its decorated top and at its rounded base.  It measures 4.125" long by 1.5" wide by 0.25" thick (at its thickest point).  Maker and exact age are unknown.