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  • Antique Cast Iron Horse

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    This Antique Cast Iron Horse was probably originally a part of a pair or team of horses that pulled a cast iron vehicle.  The horse measures 3.25" long by 3" high by 0.5" thick and is made of solid iron.  The horse has been cast in action with its front and back legs stretched out and its tail streaming behind.  The face is beautifully detailed with deep set eyes, flared nostrils and set mouth.  The horse has on an embossed bridle and harness.  Its front legs rest on a raised wheel.  The left side has two holes (one small and one large) which originally held the posts for attachment to the vehicle's tongue or yoke.  This horse is not a reproduction and has a beautifully mottled surface where the shiny black paint has chipped away and the iron has slightly rusted over time.  Manufacturer and exact age are unknown.  This Antique Cast Iron Horse is in good condition.  Ideal for use in an art piece.